About Us

We Are Dedicated To Helping And Sustainable Support

Who We Are

Partnering to build an ecosystem where foreign travelers feel comfortable in their new cities

We (Alain Momeni – left and Vermont Nandjou – right) both arrived in Germany in 2017. We started studying respectively Mechanical Engineering and Computer Sciences and met each other few months later.  As time passed by, we became a great team having same ideals and plenty of projects. 

As the Corona Pandemic reached the world in 2020, the students’ immigration rate in Germany went down, leaving fews often without any issue as they landed at the airport. Being aware of this situation, we decided to stand up in order to change things, i.e. make sure every foreign student and by extension traveler makes his way to a suitable life in the new country.

We aim at helping newcomers in their everyday’s new life; we are TRAVELERS’ ASSISTANTS !

Our Approach

We Facilitate Integration

Travelers come from all around the world, so do our “buddies” too. From there on begins integration !

Coming to a new land includes several challenges : language, utilities, accomodation, among others… Living in this new space may bring cultural conflicts or whatever one was not confronted to before. To avoid all this, we are united to BE with you, ASSIST you in every single challenge or difficulty you may come through. Come as you are and join our lovely family; the worst thing you may experience is even good 😉

We are excited to visit the breathtaking Sights of Germany with you so LET SOMEONE GUIDE YOU TO YOUR NEW HOME !


— Our Mission

  • Avoid people missing their roads.
  • Provide sufficient informations about coming to and living in a new place.
  • Promote Cultural Diversity.

— Our Vision

We want to be the reference in Germany first and then in other European Countries in terms of helping people to fit in their host lands, cities or districts. We aim at managing our own Travel Agency when our network will be big enough.


— Our Story

It all started last year, as the Corona Virus was slowing the students’ immigration rate in Germany. Some has had the chance to arrive in Germany though, nervertheless were unlucky as they had to figure out no one couldn’t welcome them properly. A series of brainstorming then led us to the idea of being THAT ONE who will then take care of them PROPERLY.