Guiding people to their new homes

We Support Newcomers To Adapt Quickly In Their New Environment

What We Do


— We Give Travel Tips

We advise the travelers about :

  • Taking some souvenirs from the homeland
  • Choosing the right clothes regarding the season (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter)
  • Unnecessary things aside and “Must-Haves” in the bag (pass, flight ticket, vaccination certificate,…)
  • Comparing flying agencies

— We Welcome Them

As the travelers come out at the terminal, we :

  • carry their luggage
  • show them how to pay for a transport ticket
  • teach them how to read it and go to the right platform (where the train/bus stops and drives off)
  • travel on together towards the host city

— We Set It Up

Once we reach the destination, we :

  • Give the appartment’s keys back that we took earlier on
  • Help to move into the new room and unpack the bagage
  • Take an appointment at the town hall for residence registration
  • And at the immigration office for a residence permit application

What We Care For!

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Finding A Buddy For Foreign Travelers

Buddies are people with whom we work closely. Thanks to many years of experience, they support Foreigners before their arrival at the airport as well as while in Germany.

The Keys To A Better Start For Newcomers

He/She, who welcomes you, has a considerable impact on your future Stay. We are more than just Assistants, we are a family and are happy to greet the Travelers as members of it.

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Promote Multiculturalism and Social Cooperation

A Camerounian who helps an Indian integrate, a Pakistani supporting a Ghanaian. To overcome the language barreer and embrase the cultural diversity is one of our desires.

Feel At Home—In A New Land

Enjoy living in a foreign country. Our buddies are always available for a walk and a small talk, in or outdoor activities.

People Looking For Their Way

People may get lost in the street, at central stations or at a crossroad. We want to collaborate with street information offices to cover this problem.

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Building A Strong Helpers' Network

At the end of the day, Travelers and Assistants consist in a family, Buddies and Newcomers are strong linked – a great community that we and our partners are willing to strengthen.