From Foreigners To Friends


Who We Are

Partnering to build an ecosystem where travelers feel comfortable in their new cities

We (Alain Momeni and Vermont Nandjou) arrived in Germany in 2017. We started studying respectively Mechnaical Engineerig and Computer Sciences and met each other few months later. As time passed by, we became a great team having same ideals and plenty of projects.

As the Corona Pandemic reached the world in 2020, the students’ immigration rate in Germany went down, leaving fews often without any issue as they landed at the airport. Being aware of this situation, we decided to stand up in order to change things, i.e. make sure every foreign student and by extension traveler makes his way to a suitable life in the new country.

We aim at helping newcomers in their everyday’s new life; we are TRAVELERS’ ASSISTANTS !

What We Do


— We Give Travel Tips

We advise the travelers about :

  • Taking some souvenirs from the homeland
  • Choosing the right clothes regarding the season (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter)
  • Unnecessary things aside and “Must-Haves” in the bag (pass, flight ticket, vaccination certificate,…)
  • Comparing flying agencies

— We Welcome Them

As the travelers come out at the terminal, we :

  • carry their luggage
  • show them how to pay for a transport ticket
  • teach them how to read it and go to the right platform (where the train/bus stops and drives off)
  • travel on together towards the host city

— We Set It Up

Once we reach the destination, we :

  • Give the appartment’s keys back that we took earlier on
  • Help to move into the new room and unpack the bagage
  • Take an appointment at the town hall for residence registration
  • And at the immigration office for a residence permit application

Impact Stories

Junias Still Remembers Her First Day In Germany

When I left my family, I was a little girl full of ambitions moving into a big world. Unfortunately that world was bigger than I though it will be. Without the assistance I received back then, it would have cost me more time, money and mistakes that the lady I became today would have hated herself for committing out of ignorance.

Michael Got In Touch With One Of Our Tutors

It was not that easy for me to find my luggage after the airplane has landed. I barely found the way to my baggage and went to the passengers’ exit station. Fortunately a fellow countryman has been waiting for me at the terminal – we took a couple of pictures and traveled to our next destination : Ilmenau.